Group bookings

Treetop Extreme is perfect for groups of all ages and abilities. We can cater for school groups, corporate groups, youth groups and birthday parties.

Our standard group booking package includes two hours use of our three high ropes courses or team building options. Additional time is available at an extra charge. Please note the minimum age for participants is 6 years old.

High ropes

We have three high ropes courses to choose from, each increasing in difficulty:


This level maxes out at 3m above the ground and consists of 17 obstacles. It’s a good obstacle course for younger children or first-time adventurers. Minimum participant height 1.1 metres.


This level is 5m above the ground and consists of 16 obstacles and two zip wires. It’s perfect for those wanting to take the next step up and challenge themselves. Minimum participant height 1.4 metres.


This level towers above the rest at 10m high and is made up of 16 obstacles and two zip wires. It’s the best choice for those wanting to really test their nerve and ability - not for the faint hearted! Minimum participant height 1.4 metres.

As part of our high ropes option, you can also access the following:


The Powerfan is our 13m freefall jump and is a great way to return to ground after tiring yourselves out on our epic obstacle courses. Suitable for all ages, it’s the ultimate finale! Minimum participant height 1.1 metres.

Climbing wall

Our climbing wall is the most exciting way to begin your adventure. Ascend the 12m high wall and take in great views across the lake. Minimum participant height 1.4 metres.

Team building

For ages six and over. Participants must be a minimum of 1.1m in height.

Jacob’s ladder

This activity can include up to four people climbing and 12 people belaying. This is a real team builder as participants must work together to help each other to get to the top of the ladder, as it gets increasingly harder the higher they climb!

Climbing wall

Our climbing wall can be turned into a team build activity with up to three people climbing and nine people belaying. Climbers must follow their route to reach the top of the wall. Additional games can be incorporated into this activity.

Leap of faith

This activity is for one participant at a time. Participants take it in turn to climb to the top of the 12m pole and jump to catch the trapeze bar! Our trapeze bar can be moved closer or further away from the participant to make it easier or more challenging for your group.

Ground tasks

A round robin of various tasks and games played around site using simple objects and equipment. It includes: ‘human knot’, ‘ski race’, ‘Towers’

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