Public Spaces Protection Order

Please note that from the 31st March 2021 we will be starting to enforce a Public Spaces Protection Order at Willen Lake in partnership with Milton Keynes Council. This means that alcohol cannot be consumed on the site apart from within licenced areas and premises and no alcohol can be brought on to the site.

We continue to improve facilities for visitors and increase the number of activities in and around the water to create a family friendly environment and none of our activities can be attempted whilst under the influence of alcohol. Also, last year we saw over 50% of waste was alcohol related on busy weekends and we saw huge increases in anti-social behaviour at the same time.

It will now be an offence to consume alcohol at Willen Lake in non-licenced areas or premises and you could face a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution resulting in a maximum fine of £500 for doing so. Fines will be reinvested by Milton Keynes Council in Community Safety Projects. Visit for more details.

We are making this change in order to keep Willen Lake a safe and friendly place for all to enjoy and thank you for your cooperation.