If you’re a wakeboarder, waterskier, kneeboarder, wakeskater, kitesurfer or surfer, be sure to check out The Wakeboarding Centre at Willen Lake.

We have one of the UK’s largest cable wakeboard and waterski centres where you can ride all year round without the limitations of fuel, boats, wind or surf.

Advanced WakeboardingNever tried it? Book onto one of our ‘Discover’ sessions for your first go on the cable.

Session Descriptions:

Kneeboarding Sessions - These start in May and are held at weekends, and the perfect way to have a try for the first time, its a 30min session, aimed at adults or juniors. For these sessions the cable is run a little slower, to give riders a chance to gain confidence. 

Discover Sessions - This is a 90min sessions, where you will get all the guidance and support you need to learn how to wakeboard (Due to high demand, we have added additional discover sessions on Wednesday evenings throughout July & August)

Junior Sessions - These are the same as the adult discover sessions, and aimed at children between 8-15 yrs old wanting to learn the basic skills of wakeboarding for the first time. These sessions the cable is again run slower, to give the juniors a chance to grasp the basics and gain confidence.

Public sessions - These are open sessions for any pay and play rider, or members. You can purchase sessions by hour and prices are listed below. 

Wakeboarding  2018 Prices

Discover Sessions                            £25.00

Junior Sessions                                £20.00

Public Sessions

Adult 1 hour                                      £15.00

Adult 2 hour                                      £20.00

Junior 1 hour                                     £12.00

Junior 2 hour                                     £15.00

Kneeboarding                                  £8.00

*Note Prepaid memberships where you pay monthly or for the season are available. Anyone who takes out a discover session, also get 20% off of the public session prices. 

Our opening hours are as follows;

Mon - Fri: 1pm until 8pm
Sat + Sun: 10am until 7pm

Please give us a call on 01908 246599 to discuss anything wakeboarding related. 

Have a question? Email us on willenlake@theparkstrust.com if you can't find the answer below

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