Tree Cathedral Walk


The stunning and unique Tree Cathedral is one of the jewels of The Parks Trust and a must see if visiting their parks. The outline is based on Norwich Cathedral and was designed in 1986 by landscape architect Neil Higson who chose different species of trees to represent the character of the Cathedral's sections. 


This route is very short with no elevation changes and all on paths. There are some steps at the Tree Cathedral, but these can be avoided, wheelchair users should be aware that the stone floor may become slippery in winter months.  


The route starts at the car park which is located just off Livingstone Drive and takes you up the winding path to the front entrance of the cathedral. From there take the higher path around the outside of the cathedral and through into the nave which is surrounded by tall growing lime trees. From there head around to the top of the cathedral and be sure to examine the cherry and apple trees used to represent the chapel. Continue back down the aisle before turning right to head along the outer path giving you an excellent view of the evergreen trees used to represent the tower and west door before re-joining the path back to the starting point.  


The route should only take you 15 minutes to walk, but you should definitely add additional time to read and enjoy this hidden gem. The Tree Cathedral is open all year round but please be aware that the cathedral can be used for private wedding ceremonies and celebrations so please be mindful of others. 



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Length: 0.5 miles
Time: Allow 15 mins for the walk and additional time to take in the scenery. 
Car parking: Paid parking is available at the Tree Cathedral Car Park.