RYA Basic Skills (Level 2)

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The RYA Basic Skills (Level 2) course is designed to teach participants aged 16+, how to sail the boat solo. They will learn how to have the boat under their full control and how to carry out certain manouveres. Once participants have achieved this qualification then they can hire out dinghies to practice their skills.

Course content: Rigging, launching, sailing in all directions, capsize recovery and essential safety knowledge. 
Ability afterwards: Able to sail and make decisions in good conditions.

Participants must have successfully completed RYA Start Sailing (Level 1)

This course is only run on request, so please contact us to book.

Pricing for this course is as follows:
One participant (one-to-one tuition)£349 per person
Two participants (two-to-one tuition)£274 per person
Three or more participants£199 per person

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