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What’s Willen Lake’s relationship with The Parks Trust?

Willen Lake is one of over 40 parks located in Milton Keynes that is owned by The Parks Trust.

The Parks Trust is a self-financing charity set up in 1992 to maintain and care for the parkland and greenspaces in the city. In most towns or cities parks are owned and managed by the local authority but our city's founders wanted to be sure that such a unique green landscape would be managed and protected forever, without having to compete for funds with other council priorities.

So, The Parks Trust was created to care for most of the city's green space and was endowed with a substantial property and investment portfolio.  The income from this portfolio pays for the vital work of nurturing and enhancing the parkland today.

Willen Lake is the only commercial park that The Parks Trust owns, all profits from activities, events and car parking at Willen Lake goes directly back into The Parks Trust allowing them to improve, enhance and maintain the 6,000 acres of parkland they are custodians of in Milton Keynes.

Visit The Parks Trust website to find out more.

  • Over 6,000 acres

    The Parks Trust maintains over 6,000 acres of parkland including rivers, lakes and woods.

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  • 500 activities and events

    The Parks Trust helps to organise and enable over 500 events and activities each year.

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  • A passion for Wildlife

    The Parks Trust have a dedicated biodiversity team which monitor and protect habitats of rare and critically endangered species across Milton Keynes.

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  • Outdoor Learning

    The Park Trust provides environmental education programs for hundreds of schools each year.

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  • Hundreds of volunteers

    The Parks Trust are supported by a fantastic team of over 200 volunteers.

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