Observation Wheel

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The Willen Observation Wheel (WOW MK) stands at 36-metres tall and is the newest visitor attraction at Willen Lake, a ride on WOW MK will give you beautiful views across the lake and onto the city beyond.

WOW MK has a total of 24 gondolas which can sit up to six people at a time, meaning that the wheel can cater for a total of 144 people when full. Each complete rotation of the wheel takes approximately 10 minutes meaning you can enjoy seeing the city from a completely different view.

WOW MK will be open weekdays between 11am - 6pm and 11am - 7pm on weekends and bank holidays. However, this can be dependant on the weather conditions and season. Tickets can be pre-booked or purchased on the day from the boarding gates.

Prices start at £5 for individuals and £20 for families, the Willen Observation Wheel is also wheelchair accessible. For further information, visit the Willen Observation Wheel website.

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