Observation Wheel

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The Willen Observation Wheel (WOW MK) stands at 36-metres tall and is the newest visitor attraction at Willen Lake, a ride on WOW MK will give you beautiful views across the lake and onto the city beyond.

WOW MK has a total of 24 gondolas which can sit up to six people at a time, meaning that the wheel can cater for a total of 144 people when full. Each complete rotation of the wheel takes approximately 10 minutes meaning you can enjoy seeing the city from a completely different view.

WOW MK will be open weekdays between 12pm - 6pm and 11am - 7pm on weekends and bank holidays. Tickets for the wheel can either be bought on the day from the boarding gates or booked in advance from their website. Prices start at £5 for individuals and £20 for families, the Willen Observation Wheel is also wheelchair accessible.

Visit the WOW MK website to book

Please note that WOW MK is not run by Willen Lake, therefore all enquiries should be made through the WOW MK website.