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Your group will fit right in at Treetop Extreme!

Whether you're looking to book for a school, youth group, corporate event, birthday party, stag or hen do - Treetop Extreme is the perfect activity for all abilities.

Encourage each other around our multi-level high ropes course or work together to complete a series of team building activities - or a bit of both! 

Sessions typically last up to two hours, but this can be extended. Please contact us to make a booking.

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Team building activities
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Pricing 10% discount on groups of 6 or more (auto-applied at checkout) Starting at £280 
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High ropes

Navigate your way around 16+ obstacles at varying heights and complete the Treetop Drop, a 13m freefall simulator. There's something for everyone as you can choose which level to complete: Explorer (2.5m high), Adventure (4.5m high) or Extreme (10.5m high). Please note, our Explorer course is currently closed for maintenance.

Team building activities

These activities are designed to get groups of people working together to achieve a collective aim. We can provide Jacobs Ladder, All Aboard, The Leap of Faith and Climbing Walls. 

Jacobs Ladder: Large horizontal beams form a giant ladder, and small groups race against one another to the top. The gaps between the beams get larger as you go up, so you'll need to work together! Participants on the ground assist by 'belaying' them up.

All Aboard: Up to 4 participants head up our leap of faith pole one by one. Once the last person is at the top the team must attempt to balance on the platform, without anyone falling off.

The Leap of Faith: Individually scale the Leap of Faith pole and attempt to grab the trapeze hanging a short distance from the platform. The trapeze can be moved further or closer, and you can add a competition element to see who can make the furthest leap of faith.

Climbing walls: In small groups, take it in turns to climb and belay each other to the top of the wall. Climbers can be blindfolded so the team on the ground must use verbal commands to help them find a route to the top.


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